About the Leveraging UP! worshops:

  • “The “Leveraging UP!” workshop tools have helped me so much and they came into play on my first assignment with Executive Temps. I knew exactly what to expect based on the protocols you taught us, who goes to whom, etc… My Executive asked me later in the day to confirm tomorrow’s schedule and put my drive – ons in place. You should have seen the calm surprise on her face when I told her I had done that at 3pm and all was confirmed. That result is entirely based on the perspective, information and confidence instilled by your “Leveraging Up” workshop. I had your set checklist as my baseline and any deviation from that, based on my Creative Executive’s preferences, was quick and painless. I can’t imagine the same experience without the workshop!”
    RAMINE BAHRAINI, Temp Executive Assistant at ABC Network & The CW Network

About the Book:

  • If you want a career in television or film then begin your journey with Leveraging UP! bu Stacy Milner. It is a “must-read” life jacket for navigating the shark infested waters of Hollywood. For a practical knowledgeablens no-nonsense approach to your entertainment job hunt, start here and leverage up!

  • If an expert offers you advice – take it. Stacy Milner knows what she’s talking about when it comes to managing your way up into the ranks of Hollywood’s creative executives. In a business where everyone starts as an assistant of some kind, Stacy’s knowledge and expertise are invaluable as a guide to helping you help yourself.
    KATE JUERGENS, Executive Vice President, Disney

  • As an executive assistant to a top exec at a major full-service agency, I was fortunate enough to get a leg up… thanks to many of the same principles that Stacy champions. Leveraging UP! Is an invaluable resource guide… Every page is worth turning.
    KARY ZANDER, Assistant to Talent Agency Executive

  • I have known Stacy since our beginning days at NBC and she definitely knows the business. All film school students should have this in their library.
    HAMILTON CLOUD, Professor, California State University, Long Beach