About Leveraging UP!

Leveraging UP! is an entertainment organization dedicated to educating, recruiting and developing the next generation of industry leaders, innovators and visionaries of tomorrow. LU is the only industry specific organization with a 21st Century “Pipeline Development Program”(PDP) designed to reach and attract the best and brightest talent for careers with some of the world’s leading media, entertainment and communication companies.

The source of our success stems from our founder, Stacy Milner and her 17 years of experience working alongside network and studio chairmen. As a “Hollywood Insider” she is able to provide an inside look of the culture and environment of the industry that is essential for leveraging a career in this highly competitive job market. All of our educational programs are infused with this rare look inside the industry’s coveted Inner Circle™.

LU is educating a workforce that is globalized, technology driven and more culturally diverse than any other generation.

Our Mission

LU! is dedicated to creating an environment for synergy between higher education institutions, organizations and the entertainment community that opens the doors of opportunity and access for a multi-ethnic talent pool that has traditionally been underrepresented in the media industry. We are, “Diversity in Action”!!!

What makes us unique?

We are the premier entertainment training organization that educates, recruits, empowers and advocates for the next generation of industry leaders in the media, entertainment and communication industry. Our 21st Century PDP engages and develops talent at the source. We are dedicated to providing the tools and resources for personal and professional development for leveraging and navigating a career in this highly competitive job market. Those who experience the power of Leveraging UP! learn what it takes to land a job and KEEP IT!!! Welcome to the benefits of LEVERAGING UP!