Arriving in Los Angeles from a small Mid-West town as one of six children, entertainment industry veteran Stacy Milner was the most unlikely person to make it in Hollywood.

With only a high school diploma she defied the odds as she rose through the ranks to assist both television and studio chairmen. Today, she is the owner of a multi-million dollar entertainment employment agency Executive Temps.

Milner began her career as an NBC Page and gained inside knowledge that stemmed from her days when NBC’s Thursday night lineup included ingenious programming such as The Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers, Night Court, and Hill Street Blues. Hits like these dubbed Thursday night as “the best night of television on television.” While assisting the late Brandon Tartikoff, the man the New York Times dubbed “Owner of Primetime” during his days as NBC’s chief of programming, Milner witnessed firsthand the maverick programming strategies that led the network to an unprecedented 68 straight wins in the weekly Nielsen race from June 1988 to October 1989. NBC was the number one network for six consecutive years. Milner also served as the executive assistant to Tartikoff’s successor Warren Littlefield, former NBC Entertainment Chief while serving in a dual capacity as the west coast executive assistant to former General Electric Chairman Robert Wright. After leaving NBC, Milner joined Paramount Pictures as the executive assistant to former TV Group Chairman Kerry McCluggage, the progenitor of the studio’s first TV Network greenlighting a string of hits for the conglomerate. Milner left Paramount to join her husband and business partner in building Executive Temps into the premier employment agency for the industry. As the Founder of Executive Temps, the leading employment agency of the entertainment industry for over 20 years, Milner spends her time training college students, recent graduates and industry hopefuls about how to successfully navigate a career inside Hollywood’s coveted Inner Circle™. Milner’s passion for training a new generation of entertainment industry power players is the driving force behind her successful workshops and book Leveraging UP! The key to launching your entertainment career. Both are filled with practical insight, providing the nuts and bolts for what it takes to get in and make it in Hollywood. Emmy Award winning talk show host Jay Leno calls it, “The best kept secret in the industry.” The result of a successful book tour led to the creation of her latest venture, the Entertainment Industry College Outreach Program. Moreover, Milner is an exceptional and highly sought-after professional speaker who is a consultant and leader in the entertainment and staffing industries.

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